31 Mar 2022

UltimateHost.Domains adds QuickBooks Fully Managed Service

UltimateHost.Domains – now offering QuickBooks Fully Managed Service to our services list.

(UltimateHost.Domains) UltimateHost.Domains’ parent company, WebTech Group, is offering fully-managed QuickBooks services.  We can help you automate your bookkeeping and even payroll service and provide all of the information on your mobile phone via an app.

While QuickBooks is promoted as an easy accounting system to use, it is if you understand accounting.  Unfortunately, we believe there is a severe gap between the accounting professional and technology, and the accounting profession has remained on the sidelines.

We have witnessed an overwhelming number of shocking situations at how accountants conduct themselves and how little they know or understand technology.  They could do less work and provide better information to their customers, but their lack of ambition to learn technology has dwarfed them to approaching being irresponsible.

A recent situation we experienced was an accountant telling his client that he should not use QuickBooks online because it is not secure and that all data can be viewed online by anybody.

Another current situation is an accountant not wanting to take the time to get an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN), so she recommended that her client get cash from the bank and pay the employees in cash, increasing the profits of the company and end result was employer paying the employees taxes.

Another recent was an accountant charging her client to manually enter the checks at the end of the month while the client had QuickBooks Online, which could have been integrated with the bank to eliminate the accountant from manually entering checks.  The customer was paying a significant amount of money and still had insufficient data because the accountant was burning up too much time entering checks.

In another recent event, we witnessed an accountant providing the customer with an outdated, non-licensed copy of the QuickBooks desktop version, and the accountant charged the customer for the copy.  Unfortunately, it sets on an old, obsolete PC and no backup copies exist.

Another common situation is accountants using QuickBooks but using another payroll provider and manually entering a total journal entry as an expense rather than integrating the QuickBooks Payroll, so all information is recorded correctly.

It is overwhelming to us how stupid and outdated most accounting professionals have become.  They do not know how to leverage technology to provide superior information to help their clients succeed.  Instead, they will give advice based on their limited knowledge and mispresent the facts to protect their relationship with the customer.

In most of these cases, their mistakes and misrepresentations of negligence and possibly fraud.

To learn more about how we can help you succeed by having accurate and up-to-date financial information to help you make better business decisions email Marty@STLMedia.Agency or call 417-529-1133.

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30 Mar 2022

UltimateHost.Domains updates their website

UltimateHost.Domains enhance website appearance and content.

(UltimateHost.Domains) We are excited to announce that we are updating our website to make it more user-friendly enhance the content related to our products and services.

We will utilize our blog more in the future, and we have added a video gallery that will feature the best information available by leading experts like Google, Ahrefs, etc. In addition, we may produce some of our videos in the future.

We will be featuring top web developers from Fiverr to help assist you with projects or problems that you need help with that exceeds our support guidelines.

Additionally, we will be providing news and advice on STL.News.

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22 Aug 2021

St Louis Restaurant Review offers eOrderSTL

St. Louis Restaurant Review launches eOrderSTL

ST LOUIS, MO (UltimateHost.Domains) St. Louis Restaurant Review has launched eOrderSTL, an online ordering system that offers many benefits not offered by the major online ordering platforms.  The biggest benefit to eOrderSTL is that they are local providing local sales and support.

Additional features are:

  1. Next day funding – sales proceeds deposited into your designated bank account
  2. Maximum 15% commission on sales (excluding tips and taxes)
  3. Promotional content published on St. Louis Restaurant Review and STL.News
  4. Promotional content published on syndicated partners websites
  6. Free social media marketing
  7. Directories and maps management – 80 or more
  8. Online marketing
  9. Email special offers to your exclusive audience
  10. Email to more than 15,000 St. Louis County residents
  11. Optional mobile app to help build your brand
  12. Increase food delivery and pickup sales
  13. Attract new customers
  14. Reliable order notifications
  15. Optional delivery available

For more information, contact Marty@STLMedia.Agency or call +1 314-808-1870.

St. Louis Restuarant Review is hosted on UltimateHost.Domains and an affiliate site.

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26 Dec 2020

The Way to Start an Online Business

(UltimateHost) Have you any idea just how to start an internet business?  The internet is a fast-growing worldwide economy and since technology advances more individuals are utilizing the internet to get a daily basis.  If you want to earn money on the internet fast and without investment, there are just five important points you must consider before starting your own internet enterprise.  These include selecting the best internet business ideas, promotion techniques, working and planning on your own business plan.

How to begin a web business – Selecting the best internet business notions may be your very initial and crucial step to online success.  There are numerous business opportunities to be found on the world wide web, in addition to the tens of thousands of start-up businesses that have already been launched.  To be able to become more prosperous, associates should comprise two important segments inside the guide to gauge how much revenue you need to initially start an ecommerce business: a marketing and advertising strategy and a firm program.  Marketing strategies consist of selecting the right domain name, having a symbol, creating a new image, and building a web site.

A company plan will cover all operational expenses and aims connected with launching your own online enterprise.  This is going to help you make financial predictions for the first six months to one year when you launch your enterprise.  It can outline all expenses needed, including monthly overhead, fee to vendors, and also certainly will offer a cost breakdown by section.  To help you with your purposes, you may make work with have a record to prioritize activities and determine those areas that are the most crucial.  Your checklist will help steer you throughout the execution stage of your online business operations.

How to Start an Online Business – branding is arguably the most essential facet of successful internet business marketing. The benefit of a website largely depends on how successful the brand has gotten in associating itself with your goods or solutions.  Branding involves many elements like creating an attractive structure, offering excellent client service, providing services and products and services that meet the demands and desires of clients, offering a convenient shopping cart application, giving visitors useful information, and offering a secure, safe site.

At the process of starting your own online eCommerce business, the branding of your company has to be set.  For this particular process, you will find two approaches you may utilize.  One way to set up a brand for your business is to engage a professional designer that will design and make your business’ internet site.  The second, and more efficient strategy, are to get into the business yourself.  You certainly can do yourself with almost no investment, also you also aren’t going to have to pay for a designer.

How to Start an Online Company – Launching your online business won’t be as successful in the event that you haven’t efficiently planned your advertising.  There are various methods you can capitalize on branding to establish your online business enterprise, the first being conventional marketing strategies.  You can hire a native SEO company that will help you find high-ranking keyword phrases to use in your marketing strategy.  Additionally, there are other advertising and advertising strategies available which could be more suitable for your enterprise.

Before you start your internet business, compose your brand purpose and marketing plan.  Take time to figure out everything you wish to achieve by branding your company.  Consider what your brand purpose would be, and just how you’ll accomplish that.  Create a business plan with your new intention in mind.  Make sure to recognize the worth of one’s brand purpose and plan so.

The absolute most significant part marketing is marketing.  Your online business operations depend on it, so you want to be certain you are doing everything possible to maximize your branding that will assist you earn money.  To help optimize the significance of one’s branding, work on your own internet marketing daily.  Brand yourself, and generate income.

Reference: STL.News – How to Start an Online Business

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26 Dec 2020

Having trouble writing content for your blog or website?

(UltimateHost) Are you a business owner and trying to write content, but struggle with what to write or can’t find a good writer to properly project you message?

We have an excellent solution!

You can auto generate content using a series of keywords.  The system will use those keywords to write an intelligent article to fit target audience.  Naturally, you can revise the content.

Article Forge is the perfect solution.  It produces content better than most writers will produce from our experience.  You can also integrate it with WordAi and Perfect Sense to reproduce the same content to ensure that the content is original or to reuse it written different.

CLICK for more information.

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26 Dec 2020

Why Website Security Is Essential For Your WordPress Website

(UltimateHost) What’s WordPress so significant to your WordPress site?  To start with, WordPress is the fastest growing blogging applications worldwide.  WordPress is an extremely flexible platform to construct your own website, however, there are several factors at work that result in website security.  To keep your website’s safety, you need dependable security & malware like malware.  It will keep hackers from infecting your website from the get go.

The largest threat to site protection is hacking.  Hackers can acquire website information like credit card numbers and bank account info.  In some cases, hackers have obtained access to site information and utilized to commit fraudulent activities like phishing, identity theft, and site spamming.  In spite of the fact that most website hosting companies keep customer data and financial information secure, hackers are always looking to capitalize on these weaknesses.

Hackers rely on shared vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting exposure.  Each one of these vulnerabilities may allow a hacker to run malicious code onto your own site.  A well-secured WordPress blog is tough to hacked since WordPress security steps to stop hackers from obtaining sensitive data.

Sucuri is a Sucuri malware defense utility for WordPress sites.  Sucuri is exceptional since it frees vulnerabilities to try and steal your private data and private info.  It infects your WordPress blog with a malware program that arranges a collection of malicious codes onto your site.  The way Website Security functions is it will look for vulnerable components of your website and randomly get into a payload from a site you can not even know exists.

When the payload was loaded on your website, Website Security will display a series of error messages that seem to be spam.  However, as soon as you click around the error messages, you’ll discover that the hackers have created lasting control over the website.  A few of the hackers are going to have access to your own database files, which means that they can make a new account, change your passwords and transfer money from the bank account.  Most WordPress users that utilize Website Security have found their sites hacked after only employing this particular malware removal utility.

To make certain your website’s security, you shouldn’t ever put your personal or financial details on your site.  WordPress security measures will detect any effort to do this and you’ll get an automated email alert.  Also, change your usernames and passwords on all of your email accounts and do not use the same passwords for all your online accounts.  If you must, use passwords that are tough to guess or copy from a different source.  Never apply your furry friend’s name or some other youngster’s first name in your mails.

Another reason why it’s important to maintain WordPress security is that it’s feasible for somebody to hijack the core files of your website.  This means your entire website could be edited at the identical time, which makes it quite tough for consumers to access their documents.  Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you install some plugins which will track your FTP and email account.  These plugins could disable the heart files of your WordPress site should they get corrupted.  In addition, you may want to look at using two different email solutions, one for company purposes and you for personal applications.  By doing this, hackers have a much harder time obtaining your own personal emails.

Finally, when selecting your WordPress hosting service provider, it is vitally important that you choose a company that provides excellent customer services.  If you don’t receive assistance from the web hosting provider within 30 days of registering, you should switch to another supplier.  Also, if you’re having any problems with your site and cannot troubleshoot them, simply contact the customer support desk of this internet hosting company you are going through.  Most web hosting companies provide 24-hour support.  For that reason, it’s strongly suggested that you utilize their customer support desk to receive answers to all of your questions.

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17 Dec 2020

3 Reasons Why Why Company Email Is Good With Company Name Branding

(UltimateHost.Domains) Why company email is essential with corporate advertising?  There are numerous reasons to own a corporate email accounts and one of the biggest is because this could be the initial type of communication between your company and the individuals who represent it.  Whenever you send your corporate email, this really could be the primary way in which your company is reaching out into your existing customers and prospective clients.  Your mails give your customers a way to keep current in your latest news, new products, or any other information that’s essential for them.

Why is corporate email crucial with branding?  This really is essential for two important reasons.  First, it lets you create relationships with your clientele. Once you get a company email account, your clients can become quick updates on any changes that may be happening within your organization and they’re also able to keep informed of their new news or issues affecting your organization.

What’s corporate email important with branding?  It enables you to provide excellent content to your own readers.  This content will build trust and confidence in your firm.  Whenever your readers see that your company takes its advertising seriously, they’ll do business with your business because they are aware of your business is looking out for them.

What’s corporate email crucial with branding?  That is essential for the institution’s image.  Branding encompasses much over simply what it is you’re selling your customers.  It encircles your company’s logo, the way your company present itself, the products or services that you offer, and even the style in which you treat your customers.  Each one of these things have a significant effect on the perception people have about your firm.

Why is corporate email essential with branding?  Besides establishing confidence and trust in your business’s ability to deliver excellent products and services, your company email accounts reflects your organization’s corporate image.  The greater your corporate email looks, the more inclined people will perceive your company to be more professional.  They will trust your company to take care of its clients in a proper fashion.  They will also likely place their trust in you as you are sending this particular corporate email to them – not some inexpensive online company that nobody knows.

Lastly, why is corporate email such a great idea with company name branding?  As sending out corporate email addresses enables you to send information regarding your company to tens of thousands of people in one shot.  To put it differently, this type of email lets you attain a whole lot of people at once and get your company name around.

STL.News References:

  1. Email Wikipedia Page
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17 Dec 2020

Ultimate Host & Domains Announces Website Revisions

(UltimateHost.Domains) Ultimate Host is excited to announce the beginning process of revising our website to enhance user experience.  We anticipate that the revisions will be completed before the end of 2020.  We will attempt to make revisions during evening time to reduce the possibility of problems.

However, if you do experiences problems, we apologize in advance.  If you need sales or support please call the phone number listed on the site for sales and support.

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17 Dec 2020

Why Easy Domain Names to Remember Is Important

(UltimateHost.Domains) Why an easy domain name to remember is so important?  It’s actually quite simple: People don’t want to type in long-tailed words when searching for something on the web, and they also don’t want to have to retype the same words over.  An easy domain name to remember is important because it allows visitors to quickly find what they need without having to go through the trouble of typing long words or phrases.  When someone comes to your website, they should be able to quickly and easily access what they’re looking for.

Branding is important for any company or business that wants to succeed online.  No matter how great your website is, if people can’t remember your domain name or to connect with you by email, then they won’t visit your website again.  A website must represent your brand – both to the visitor and to those who will be contacting you.  Easy to remember domain names help you achieve this goal.  They keep your brand clear to the viewer and let them know who you are and what you do.

Easy to recall domain names also help build brand name recognition.  Branding is the process of associating a specific company name or a set of company names with a particular quality or objective.  For example, if your goal is to create a positive image of your company, then using a name related to that quality or objective will help create a positive association.  In business, branding is vital because it creates a positive image and gives customers an idea of what you do.  Without a clear understanding of branding and why it’s important, it’s unlikely that a new customer will ever establish any form of relationship with your company.

Another reason that an easy domain name to remember is important is to make sure that visitors to your site know who you are.  If the domain name of your website has a certain company name or logo in it, then you want that name to be prominently displayed to the right and left of the user when they arrive at your site.  The last thing you want is for a potential customer to have to scroll down on the page to find what they’re looking for, only to find that they can’t access your site.  In short, the name of your website needs to tell someone what they’re looking for, and where they can find it.

When it comes to domains, there are some companies out there that offer unique domains every once in a while – like Namemesh, for example.  When you sign up for these types of accounts, you receive a unique domain name, which will be a sub-domain of your main Namemesh account.  The great thing about these types of accounts is that you don’t have to keep renewing your Namemesh account (although you should, if you want to keep the same name for all of your websites).

These sorts of unique domains can be useful for a variety of things, but it’s always a good idea to stick with a.com as far as the physical side of things goes.  One of the biggest complaints that people have with most websites is that they have no memorable domain name.  This is very easily solved with something like Namemesh – because the website gets a unique domain name and sub-domain name with each one!  So, instead of having a hard time remembering your Namemesh website, you can instead have the time and trouble to actually think of a cool name for it!


  1. Domain Name Wikipedia Page
  2. Ultimate Host & Domains Business Listing on STL.News
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14 Dec 2020

The Benefits Of Guest Posts On Blogs

(UltimateHost.Domains) Guest posts are extremely important for promoting your online brand on their website but there are so many ways in which you can take advantage of their functionality to maximize the chance that they offer.  SEO is a great way in which you can boost the visibility of your website in search results, helping it climb to the top spot in the search engine results pages (SERPs).  This will allow you to attract more visitors and ultimately increase the number of sales that you achieve as a result.  However, not all guest posts are created equal and it is essential that you work out how to get the most from them to get the best possible results.

One of the main benefits of guest posts rankings and page ranks is that they allow you to obtain links.  In order to rank well within Google, you need to have strong links from authority websites and this means that you need to submit your posts on high profile authority sites like Digg and Reddit.  By doing this you will be able to gain quality backlinks and as a result improve your website’s page rank and visibility.  If you are unable to work out how to gain quality backlinks, you may have to spend some time trying to develop your own links which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Another benefit of guest posts rankings and page ranks is that blogging is now considered to be an essential element of SEO.  This means that if you want to improve the visibility of your website or blog you will need to create your own blog posts and perhaps even start submitting to popular blogging sites.  If you create well-written posts and include relevant keywords you will be able to attract readers to your blog or website and this in turn will increase your rankings within Google and other major search engines.  However, blogging is only the first step to SEO.

Guest blogging is also a great way to establish links to your own website.  In order for your links to be effective they need to be placed in blog posts that have links to your website.  The other benefit of guest posting on blogs is that you will be able to give valuable information to people outside of your own industry.  For example, if you own a website selling solar panels you may want to give some tips about building solar panels.  This will be useful information and will be of interest to people outside of your own industry.  However if you do not have your own website linking to your blog then you may struggle to get links to your website which can lead to reduced search engine rankings and a decrease in traffic.

Guest blogging allows you to reach a much broader audience by exposing your website to an additional audience.  If you write insightful technical articles you can attract a new audience.  You can even attract a new audience by targeting niche audiences.  For example, if you want to attract tech blogs you can target the “how-to” crowd.  This will give your website a unique audience which can prove highly beneficial as you build up a loyal following.

One of the benefits of SEO is that it helps you to rank for specific terms.  This means that if you write SEO friendly blog posts, they will help to improve the rankings of your own website.  However, since Google works to provide search results that are user friendly, you will not just see your SEO boosting your page ranking but also the page rank of your website.  This will lead to more organic traffic.  If your SEO efforts lead to traffic that is more targeted then you will find that your website will have an increased chance of being noticed by visitors to your site.

Another of the benefits of guest posting on blogs is that it can help your search engines.  Google and other major search engines look favorably upon the content that is published on websites other than the websites where the owner posts their own content.  This can help the search engines see your posts as part of a set of various different content that is relevant to the links that you post.  For example, if you link to an article that contains a link to your own website or one of your pages, this in turn will count as one of the links to your website.  The search engines will consider this as a positive vote for your website and this can in turn improve its rankings.

Finally, it can prove to be very useful for you when it comes to driving traffic to your website.  In most cases, if you do not have your own blog and you only post on other people’s blogs then the people will not see your links as relevant to their searches.  However, if you post on a person’s blog that is related to yours then this will be seen as a relevant link and this can improve your page rank and ultimately lead to more organic traffic.  Of course, there are many other benefits of guest posting but these are the main ones that are easy to remember.

We recommend the following sites that accept guest posts:

  1. STL.News – MOZ of 63 – $75
  2. FeedPublish.com – $19.95
  3. StatesNewsToday.com – $19.95
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