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We created this page to help answer the most common questions and make easy navigation to find the answers you are looking for on our site.

Question 1: Which hosting plan is the best for search engine rankings?

Answer: A dedicated website hosting package is the best.  While it costs more, you get what you pay for.  If you are serious about search engine rankings, we suggest a VPS or Dedicated service hosting plan.  Dedicated hosting is the best because you are not sharing the server or its IP address with any other website.

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Question 2: Which WordPress SEO plugin is the best?

Answer: That is a difficult question to answer without making many explanations.  The two most respected are Yoast SEO and Rank Math SEO.  Yoast is probably the oldest and more respected, but Rank Math is getting a lot of attention and can’t be ignored.  The truth is that there are several reliable SEO plugins.

Question 3: What is SEO, and is it worth the money?

Answer: SEO is the acronym for “Search Engine Optimization.”  The second part of the question is it worth the money?  Another difficult question to answer.  Depends on the SEO provider and the website owner’s technical skills.  SEO is a complex service to measure because we have witnessed many SEO agencies charging customers thousands per year to add a free plugin and incorrectly configure it.  SEO is worth the money if you have a good SEO provider.  If an honest developer constructed your website, it should already have most of the SEO features.  Still, some developers intentionally leave out SEO, so when you come back to complain, they can upsell you to SEO services.  Not a good relationship.

Question 4: What is the most important factor to high search engine rankings for website owners to consider?

Answer: There are many factors, but the two most important factors are quality content and backlinks.

Having said that, we are assuming that it is a well-constructed site with good hosting and website speed.

Question 5: Can you please list the most important SEO factors that website owners need to review?

Answer: We will give a list that we feel is prudent to follow as far as a priority listing.

  • Content (Content is King) Make content unique and unusual for the best rankings.
  • Hosting (Shared or Dedicated)
  • Backlinks and their quality
  • Site structure – easy to navigate

Question 6: My website has a blog.  Should I use it, and how frequently should I post new content?

Yes, you should use it.  It is a great way to communicate your information to the public.  You can also use it to educate the audience about your products or services and make public announcements like Press Releases.  Another good use is recognizing your customers/clients and giving them links from your website.  Then ask them to link back to the article, which will help your website by increasing the number of backlinks.

Additionally, each time you post new content, it will attract the search engines to visit and crawl the new content.  The more the search engines crawl your site, the better the odds that the search engines will properly crawl and index your website.

Question 7: Is website load time important?

Answer: Fast load time is probably one of the most important, if not the most important factor.  Google has developed tools to help developers analyze the load time and provide guidance on how to improve.  The two Google measures are “Core Vitals” and “Page Experience.”  If you pass these measures, your website will rank high.  We strongly recommend that developers master these factors to best serve their customers.  Website owners should find SEO experts or developers that can adequately service these factors for the best rankings.

Question 8: Which WordPress cache plugin is the best for rankings?

Answer: Impossible question to answer.  Cache plugins can work great if configured correctly.  However, if configured incorrectly, they can create problems.  Therefore, we recommend that you find a developer that truly understands cache and allow them to configure.  Having said that, the most commonly used cache plugins are (1) WP Rocket, (2) W3 Total Cache, (3) LiteSpeed, (4) WP-Optimize, and (5) WP Fastest Cache.  Of course, there are more, but these are the most commonly used, and these will provide you with the options necessary to fill any need.

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