UltimateHost.Domains adds QuickBooks Fully Managed Service

UltimateHost.Domains – now offering QuickBooks Fully Managed Service to our services list.

(UltimateHost.Domains) UltimateHost.Domains’ parent company, WebTech Group, is offering fully-managed QuickBooks services.  We can help you automate your bookkeeping and even payroll service and provide all of the information on your mobile phone via an app.

While QuickBooks is promoted as an easy accounting system to use, it is if you understand accounting.  Unfortunately, we believe there is a severe gap between the accounting professional and technology, and the accounting profession has remained on the sidelines.

We have witnessed an overwhelming number of shocking situations at how accountants conduct themselves and how little they know or understand technology.  They could do less work and provide better information to their customers, but their lack of ambition to learn technology has dwarfed them to approaching being irresponsible.

A recent situation we experienced was an accountant telling his client that he should not use QuickBooks online because it is not secure and that all data can be viewed online by anybody.

Another current situation is an accountant not wanting to take the time to get an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN), so she recommended that her client get cash from the bank and pay the employees in cash, increasing the profits of the company and end result was employer paying the employees taxes.

Another recent was an accountant charging her client to manually enter the checks at the end of the month while the client had QuickBooks Online, which could have been integrated with the bank to eliminate the accountant from manually entering checks.  The customer was paying a significant amount of money and still had insufficient data because the accountant was burning up too much time entering checks.

In another recent event, we witnessed an accountant providing the customer with an outdated, non-licensed copy of the QuickBooks desktop version, and the accountant charged the customer for the copy.  Unfortunately, it sets on an old, obsolete PC and no backup copies exist.

Another common situation is accountants using QuickBooks but using another payroll provider and manually entering a total journal entry as an expense rather than integrating the QuickBooks Payroll, so all information is recorded correctly.

It is overwhelming to us how stupid and outdated most accounting professionals have become.  They do not know how to leverage technology to provide superior information to help their clients succeed.  Instead, they will give advice based on their limited knowledge and mispresent the facts to protect their relationship with the customer.

In most of these cases, their mistakes and misrepresentations of negligence and possibly fraud.

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