Why Is Web Hosting Important to Website Performance?

(UltimateHost.Domains) Why is web hosting necessary for website performance?  It’s essential for search engine rankings, which are the basis for most webmasters’ online businesses.  In this age of search engine power, having a high-ranking web presence is vital to getting your business online.  That means web hosting that is fast and efficient for you and your website.

There are many components that go into web hosting, from web page content, operating system, database, site structure, web design, etc.  When we think of all of these elements, we can’t help but wonder why is web hosting so important to website performance.  After all, just having a website is not going to bring you customers if it is slow or unreliable.

One of the most common questions online today is “Why is Google changing their algorithm?”  Algorithm change is when the search engines to modify the way they calculate search results.  This can either increase or decrease the ranking of websites within the search engine index.  The search engines have traditionally placed more importance on organic searches, or those performed by users based on their interest, and personal preferences rather than search engine optimization (SEO).  Because SEO takes so long to complete, it was necessary to have sites that were ranked highly in organic searches to have enough visitors to stay in the top rankings.  Algorithms like Google+ Local, and Facebook are trying to combat this by providing personalized results and allowing customers to search for a location based on their interests.

Another question that has come up is “Why is web hosting important to my web design.”  Simply put, web hosting is the service that provides your web pages with a storage location.  Most web hosting companies allow you to upload your web pages and then allow them to be viewed from any browser.  The web pages that are being hosted are called “webs”.   Web hosting is very important to website performance as it gives web design professionals the ability to test websites in various browsers and ensure that they are correctly optimized to make the most of the browsers available to the end user.

The reason why web hosting is so important to website performance is because of the large number of web pages that are on the Internet at any given time.  To make an Internet website work effectively, many web designers must employ a variety of programming languages to build the website.  JavaScript and HTML are the most popular of these programming languages, although there are others that are used commonly.  When someone types in a word in the web browser, the web page is interpreted by the web server.  At that point, the web designer can include scripts, images, video, and other elements that are needed to present the web page.  If the scripts that are included on the web page conflict with each other, it can slow down the process of accessing the information that the browser needs, making it difficult to navigate.

A good example of why is web hosting important to website performance is the way that web servers handle the scripts that are on the website.  If scripts are too long or contain HTML elements that are too long or are difficult to read, it could cause problems with the browser’s ability to correctly process the information.  This can cause a visitor to be unable to fully load the web page or it could cause the web server to crash.  Even though scripts may be stored on the web server, the speed at which the web-server transfers the scripts from the web host to the client can affect the website’s performance.  By using a web hosting service, web designers will be able to create and store their scripts on servers that are able to better handle the scripts on their website.

Another reason why is web hosting important to website performance is because of the various types of web hosting services that are available.  For instance, some web hosting providers will provide free web hosting.  Free web hosting is an option that some web designers might consider if they do not want to pay for web-hosting services.  However, it is important to make sure that the web hosting provider is reliable.  By using free web hosting, a web designer may not always have the best hosting service available.

If a web designer wants the best web hosting service possible, they should make sure that they are shopping around.  By comparing the different web hosting companies, web designers will be able to find the best web hosting available.  Web hosting is important to website performance because web design is very dependent on the web hosting services that are provided by the web hosting company.  If the web hosting is poor, the website design will suffer as well.


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