Website Speed – critical factor to search engine rankings

Website speed is a critical factor in high search engine rankings – use Google Search Console to measure Page Experience and Core Vitals, which measures website load time.

ST LOUIS, MO (UltimateHost.Domains) You can have a great web design with great content, but your site will not rank well in search results if you have a poor load time.

Google has a tool inside Google Search Console that tells you how they view your site, and it even lists the problems so you can correct the issues.

Google is all about good user experience and Google Search Console has a tool to measure this called “Page Experience.”

Finding a professional developer who understands this common problem is difficult, and most can’t fix it.  Mobile speed is the most critical.

To check how Google views your speed –

The most common problems are:

  • Images are not optimized
  • Poor hosting environment
  • Database not optimized
  • Cache not being utilized or not being used properly
  • The website is not mobile responsive or friendly

These are some issues, but certainly not all that can affect your search engine rankings.

Do not ignore bing as a significant search engine.  They continue to grow their presence, and many consumers have come to use Bing as their primary default search engine.

If your website is not correctly connected to Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools, you are missing out on seeing how major search engines view your website.  They will identify the problems and, in some cases, tell you how to fix them.

Having written that, hosting continues and will always be a significant factor.  Hosting is not a commodity!  Cheap hosting will likely result in poor website rankings with the search engines.