St. Louis Restaurant Review Succeeds with eOrderSTL

ST LOUIS, MO (UltimateHost.Domains) We proudly announce that we host the St. Louis Restaurant Review website.  Additionally, we host their website for the popular online ordering system they call eOrderSTL.

eOrderSTL is an online ordering system that restaurants can market their menu online while providing highly reliable delivery as they use AI with multiple delivery companies to ensure a high delivery rate, which increases customer satisfaction.

eOrderSTL charges a substantially lesser commission than the major competitors but provides a free website and multiple digital marketing services.

In the first year, there were more than 8,000 orders processed and delivered successfully.  Now that the proof of concept has shown positive results, we assume that they will begin to increase the number of restaurants on the system.

They did tell us that they have restrictions.  They do not work with chains.  They work with locally owned restaurants whereby they work with the owners exclusively to enhance the marketing experience.

CLICK to read eOrderSTL results for year one.