Press Release Distribution

Enhance Your Visibility with Press Release Distribution

While an old marketing strategy, press releases, like most other things, have evolved with technology, re-creating their purpose and value, making them an affordable and effective marketing strategy.  In addition, the major search engines have made press releases highly visible as they index news and rank it at the highest level, above blogs and web pages.

We offer press release distribution using the following:

  • Apple News – have your press release found on all Apple mobile devices.
  • Bing News – Bing, a division of Microsoft, continues to grow their customer base for Internet searches.  
  • Google News – Google is the world’s largest news aggregator.
  • STL.News –s dedicated to the community and will include news covering many different topics.  Our news articles are shown on Google News, Apple News, DuckDuckGo News, and shared on multiple social sites.  

Additionally, we offer additional nationwide top-ranking news distribution options.  Finally, we have something that will meet your objective regardless of what it might be.  For maximum online visibility, combine our press release distribution with our massive social media network.  Collectively, they will promote your business as you’ve never experienced.

Press Release Distribution is Effective and Affordable

If you want to enhance your online visibility, attract more customers or get the news out about a new location, acquisition, new product, or change to an existing product, press release distribution is an excellent alternative for you that is highly effective and affordable.

For questions or to purchase a press release distribution, call Marty @ (314) 808-1870 or email Marty@STLMedia.Agency.

You can submit a press release for distribution by Visiting our Submit Press Release page.