Protect Customer transactions and data with a SSL Certificate

You can assure your customers that their privacy is safe and protected with an SSL Certificate costing up to 90% less than our competition.

What are SSL Certificates?

It is encrypted code that prevents hackers from seeing your customers data.  SSL is the acronym for “Secure Sockets Layer” or Transport Layer Security, TLS being the more modern term.  Having said that, they started as SSL Certificates and will probable still be referred to as such for a very long time.

Our SSL Certificates offer the following benefits and features:

  • One SSL covers unlimited servers
  • They work with all major browsers
  • Cost up to 90% less than our competitors
  • Backed by industry-best 24/7/365 sales & support
  • Among the first to feature green browser bar

Protect customers financial transactions and data with a SSL Certificate

We offer two SSL Certificates:

  1. Standard SSL – Verifies your domain control and secures your site – issued within minutes – $100,000 warranty – Single Domain $136.24/yr – Multiple Domains UCC $46.11/yr – Single Domain w Unlimited Sub-Domains $161.95
  2. Premium SSL – Extensive domain and company validation – trused GREEN BROWSER BAR – $1,000,000 Warranty – FREE SNSSEC to Secure Your DNS – Single Domain $224.99yr – Multiple Domains $81.99 /yr

SSL Certificates are the best protection for those businesses that accept customer payments online, restaurant online ordering systems, customers transmits private information to you or banking related transactions.  You are responsible for your customers security.  Don’t run the risk of your client getting scammed and attempting to hold you responsible.  Buy a SSL Certificate today.

KickAss.Domains has everything you need relating to the world wide web for a positive Internet experience.  It’s a tough business world.  Either your competition will kick your ass or you have to kick their ass.  Take your pick!

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