Hosting is a critical part of owning a successful website!

There is nothing more important to the success of a website that premium hosting.  Slow load times, website down times and other hosting related issues can have an impact on your business and your search engine rankings.  If the major search engines bots can’t crawl your website to index it, how do you expect them to rank it high in organic search results?

KickAss.Domains offers a unique Premium Proprietary Hosting plan designed for medium to large scale websites, eCommerce sites, news sites, blogs and more.  Our hosting is unique based on the following facts:

  • Our server is 32 GB of RAM, whereas, most shared server environments host to many more websites with a fraction of that much RAM.  
  • Our server is housed at a world-class server environment providing UNLIMITED bandwidth, routine backups, and the safety and security that can be found only at a world-class server provider provided by KickAss.Domains.
  • Our server features 3 TB of storage, twice as much as most shared environments.
  • Our server operates much like a Virtual Private Server at a reduced cost.
  • Our server is not a business, our server serves as a convenience to us, therefore, we can be competitive while providing a superior hosting experience.
  • 24/7/365 day monitoring.  We are monitoring our websites constantly with a full-time team to assure that your website is online.

Hosting is one of our unique characteristics that sets us apart in the St. Louis area.  We offers St. Louis website hosting with superior performance from a world-class hosting environment that you can’t find any place else in the St. Louis area.  We can provide hosting to any customer worldwide.

The right web hosting provider will improve your search engine rankings with faster load times and less down time.

Nothing is more important to a website than superior web hosting.  We take hosting more serious than most because we thoroughly understand the importance, from several perspectives, of high quality, reliable hosting and how it can effect a business.  Whether you own a website or ecommerce site, KickAss.Domains can provide you with the hosting package you need to have the best hosting experience.

We offer typical HOSTING PACKAGES – Managed WordPress® – VPS – DEDICATED SERVERS and our Premium Proprietary Hosting Packages.  For our Premium Hosting Packages please call us @ (314) 474-9854 or email [email protected]

Call KickAss.Domains today!  It’s your HOSTING, don’t take a lickn’, do some ass kickn’!

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