Mobile Text Marketing is the hottest, effective and most cost efficient market strategy available!

Mobile Text Marketing has the highest yielding R.O.I. when compared to other marketing strategies. If you want to get existing customers in the door now, this is the strategy best for you.  If you have an existing customer base to solicit the them to join your text marketing club you will not find a more effective method to communicate with your customers and drive traffic when you need it most.

Customers have to join on their own to join, therefore, nobody will get a message that does not want one.

A common misunderstanding among business owners is that we blast text messages to customers without them knowing it or expecting it.  NO TRUE!  They have to sign up in order to get your messages.  Therefore, if they sign up, they obviously want the messages and can unsubscribe at anytime they want.

As described earlier this is the most effective strategy to communicate with “existing” customers.  You have to market promote customers to sign up using the influence of your existing staff, email, social media, etc.

It can honestly take some time, but the success of this program lies completely on you, your staff and your existing influence with your customers.

Mobile Text Marketing is a great method to let them know about promo’s, specials, news, events and more.  Don’t question whether it words or not.  IT WORKS!  If you promote customers to sign up you will build a large database of customers that want to hear about your promo’s, events, specials and more.

We have the most affordable Mobile Text Marketing program available.  We provide FREE business cards to hand out to customers that will help you promote your VIP Club or MOBILE CLUB or whatever you want to call it.  It’s affordable, effective and cost efficient.  Everybody carries their smartphones with them all of the time.  They have to look at their messages and these common characteristics are why it is so effective.

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