Email Marketing is Effective and Affordable

In order to help you “KickAss”, we offer two email marketing (EM) products/services (1) EM platform that you manage yourself or (2) email marketing services, whereby you provide us with an email list and we will manage your EM campaigns for you.

Additionally, if you are marketing to the St. Louis, MO area we have purchased and collected emails from consumers and businesses that we routinely email to that adds up to more than 30,000 consumers and businesses.

Our email marketing system is a database driven email system, which enables us to target your marketing.  Most email marketing platforms are all or none meaning that you email to one customer, you email to all customers.  We can separate by geographical location, address, sex, date of birth and any other factor that is in our database.  Target marketing will increase your ROI on each email campaign.

Email Marketing is the Second Most Profitable Marketing Strategy

The most profitable marketing strategy is SEO Services, which we provide as well.  EM has an ROI almost twice as high as social media marketing.  Having said that you can’t ignore social media marketing.  An effective marketing strategy is to spread your efforts out and narrow that focus as you evaluate your ROI and multiple marketing campaign strategies.

There isn’t a better or more efficient strategy on the market than to staying in touch with your existing strategies or to attract new customers than email marketing.  Our email marketing products and services are an excellent option for those businesses that are in need of effective and profitable marketing strategies.

An excellent approach is to combine your EM efforts with our ePostings (social media marketing & posting services) to maximize your marketing efforts.  While SEO and email are number 1 and 2 for highest returning ROI, social media cannot be overlooked.  It is more effective for some sectors than others.  If a business is social related, they typically profit more from an effective social media campaign.

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