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BUSINESS LISTINGS MANAGEMENT – One of the most important task for a business to accomplish a significant online presence is managing your local business listings.  A business gets listed in online directories without them even knowing it, which is great.  Howe er, the problem is that all of the information is not listed or is listed wrong.

A businesses primary objective should be to get listed in as many online directories as possible!  Most importantly, that information needs to be consistent and accurately listed across the web.

Our eListings program accomplishes these objectives.  We can scan the Internet for 65-70 of the top online directories, claim the listings, modify the listings and re-publish your listings with an enhanced listing attracting more traffic in directories such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp and many more.

eListings will serve as you online phone directory that enables us to manage 65-70 of your top-rated online business directories.  It would take you days to perform this task and once completed hours each month just to mange the listings and make the necessary modifications, not to mention the additional money you might have to spend with each individual directory to get an enhanced listing.

Honestly, eListings is the most prudent approach to managing your online local directory listings for maximum online visibility.

KickAss.Domains is a Certified Yext Partner and have been doing business with Yext since 2013.  It is our most comprehensive directory listings management program.  Call us and get eListed today and be found in major online business directories like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp and many more.  This is a basic online visibility program that is suitable for all businesses that wants to attract local customers.

NOTE: the video notes 45-50 business directories.  It is an out-dated video.  Today, June 2016, We publish to approximately 70 top-rated online business directories.


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