Why should I have a Dedicated IP?

Dedicated IP (DIP) address is contrasted to a shared IP address; the former is solely yours, the latter is not only yours, but is also owned by others.  You see, it’s like having your own home (with dedicated IP) versus having a shared home (with shared IP), i.e., an apartment perhaps, where you share space with others.

Like having your own home, the advantage of having a DIP address are just marvelous.  You have full control of your own space.  Plus, you will also have simpler solutions to any problem you may encounter; whereas with having a shared IP, fixing just one problem may be more complicated.

Package one of our hosting packages with a DIP and you will have superior website rankings and performance.  Hosting is a critical part of a successful website.  We strongly encourage you to not shop for the least expensive hosting, but the best hosting package available to maximum performance.

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We are hosting experts and SEO Certified.  Our information is reliable and easy to confirm.  The better your hosting package is, the better you will perform on the web, bringing you more clicks and customers.

To make things easier for you, UltimateHost.Domains has made it so you can enjoy the advantages of having a DIP.

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