Management Services is a critical part of website rankings

Content Management Services is a major factor to rank high with the major search engines like Google, bing, Yahoo and Yandex.  The most common mistake made by web design firms is using an excessive amount of graphics/pictures.  While graphics/pictures adds to the aesthetic value of the website, they damage the major search engines ability to read a website for content to decide how to properly index your website for search results.

Google popularized a phrase that many web design firms have ignored, “content is king”!  Having said that, the search engines algorithms continue to be redesigned to be smarter almost to the point that they think, which we hear referred to as “artificial intelligence.”  Search engines have programmed their bots to recognize misspelled words, poor coding and even index the voice of video all with the purpose to provide consumers with better search results.  The technology level of search engines are inspiring and a taste of only what is to come.

We offer Content Management Services as a stand alone service or as part of our web design and SEO.  Well written content, using the proper words, but more importantly, the proper mix of words, referred to as keyword density, is one of the most important factors of the search engine algorithms that determine website rankings in search results.

We have hired professional writers that have been nominated for Emmy’s, interviewed and written about presidents and wrote press release for the NY Assembly.  All understand the importance and value of well written content.

Therefore, we can help you manage your website on an ongoing basis, manage your blog, or even a news sites, magazine our ebook.  We ranking content as the most critical strategy to high search engine rankings.  With Ultimate Host Domains and St. Louis Media, LLC you don’t need to hire a writer to provide content to your web design firm, we offer it all in-house to make your web design experience more rewarding.


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