CDN – Content Delivery Network

We recommend and offer CDNs.  But what are CDNs?

CDNs are a system of servers that make up a network that delivers webpages and other content from a website, pictures, video’s, etc. to users based on their geographical location.

CDNs are an excellent strategy to reduce load times, which are good for SEO and website traffic.  For example; if a website’s server is based in Arizona, people in Phoenix will receive the content faster than people in Florida.  As distance increases between the server and the websites visitors the slower the load time will be due to the distance.

CDNs consist of servers located in various locations around the world called POPs or points of presence.  The CDN that is located nearest to the user is called the “edge server”.  When visitors request a web page from a website served through a CDN, they are connected to the closest “edge server” assuring the best experience possible.  In other words, fast load times.

LoadStorm estimates that:

  • 25% of website visitors will abandon a website if it takes longer than 4 seconds
  • 74% of website visitors will abandon a mobile website if it takes longer than 5 seconds
  • 46% of website visitors won’t return to a bad performing website

Some benefits of utilizing a CDN for your website:

  • Faster load times for desktop and mobile websites
  • CDNs are built for heavy traffic
  • Insures website stability
  • Decrease infrastructure cost since traffic is offloaded to the CDN
  • Superior website performance
  • Enhanced SEO and search engine rankings

While KickAss Domains offers various hosting packages, we always recommend CDNs for websites with high traffic or slow load times due to poor hosting.  Business owners typically purchase the least costly hosting without realizing that they are probably loosing traffic due to slow load times and loosing website search engine rankings caused by slow load times, which are a result of cheap-ass hosting.

To rank high in organic search results a fast load time is critical and a fast server alone will not do the job without more help.  Our CDN package will deliver the performance required to move your website up in rankings and bring you more business.

Ultimate is a re-seller of Cloudflare CDN service.  Contact Marty at 417-529-1133 for details or to sign up.

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